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    1. Happy Wednesday. What does “Biig” mean? Cheers.

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      1. Ohh, have a look, next to “biiig” there is a heart, maybe it doesn’t display? A big heart for this dog. And I said biiiig to emphasise that. 🙂

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      2. So sweet. Didn’t see the heart. I second a BIG heart for the doggie.

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      3. Ok. I see the heart on the blog post. It didn’t show up on the comment approval feed. Mystery solved. Thanks for the sweet comment!

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  1. Oddly, we were just to the opening exhibition on N. Gkikas, J. Craxton and P. Leigh-Fermor at the Benaki Museum and many of the paintings by Gkikas and Craxton are of Hydra – most in the cubist style. The three men were long-time friends and spent a lot of creative time on the island. Made me long to go there. Looks like a fabulous and interesting island.

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    1. What a coincidence! We’ve taken several day trips to Hydra and spent a long weekend there many years ago. It’s one of my favorite islands, though I seem to say that about all of them. Looking at past photos of Hydra makes me long to go back.

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