Travel is much easier when you go with the flow.

Classic New England

A late autumn afternoon at the former Collins Axe Factory in Collinsville, Connecticut.    

Skywatch over Sparta

A late afternoon view of clouds over Sparta as seen from the Xenia Restaurant Cafe in Mystras.    

Fish Therapy

Doctor Fish Foot Therapy & Day Spa in the Plaka neighborhood of Athens, Greece.    

Nightglow at the Alektor Café 

Need a treat? The Alektor Creperie Café is a perfect spot in Nafplio, Peloponnese for an evening coffee and delicious sweet crepe.   Inspiration: Glow.    

Catnapping in Greece

This cat in Nafplio, Peloponnese makes napping on this windowsill look comfortable!

Waiting for “The Shining”

An eerie calm before the storm at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California. It’s not the Stanley Hotel from the movie, “The Shining,” but it sure looked and felt like it on this ominous day.