15 thoughts on “Gone But Not Forgotten

    1. We’ve been there together. Remember when we saw Eric M having lunch there? I was last at Paradise Grill last October. Never could have imagined this would happen. I hope they have a come back when the pandemic is under control.

  1. Let’s hope they will have a come back when this pandemic is under control. Many Athens restaurants have been luckier – turning into takeout places overnight during lockdown and now with outdoor dining (with mask wearing waiters and tables and chairs places well apart). Hope you are staying safe and hope you can get back to Greece soon.

    1. Hi Debi, Nice to hear from you! We are making the best of staying safe during the Pandemic and dealing with fire and smoke in the SF Bay Area. We live a five-minute walk from the evacuation zone for the SCU Lightning Complex Fire. The firefighters seem to have the fire under control, but we need to stay vigilant in case the conditions change. Greece isn’t in our plans this year. It will be the first time in 25 years that we don’t visit. We miss family and friends and hope the Pandemic will be under control next year. Stay safe!

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