Thursday Doors – San Juan Bautista

Earlier this week, I braved the world outside my neighborhood and met a friend at Mission San Juan Bautista. We were looking forward to taking photos of the Mission’s inner courtyard, which is filled with gorgeous turquoise doors. To our surprise, the Mission was closed that day. Instead, we roamed the town taking photos of the western-themed main street, followed by lunch at Jardines in their lovely cactus garden.

On my photo walk, I captured a pic of one turquoise door, the entrance door to the Mission. I also found a white-washed adobe home adorned with turquoise window shutters, and a wooden ladder leaning against the house. Turquoise is such an uplifting, happy color. 





We did a little window shopping while walking through town. Most of the shops were closed. This fun window display made me smile when I first saw it and still does every time I look at the photo.

Window Shopping - Poodle
How much is that doggy in the window?


I took lots more pics; however, after I got home, I learned that my camera’s white balance was accidentally set to fluorescent lighting mode. It’s a relatively new Nikon Z7 Mirrorless camera, and I’m still learning through the school of hard knocks. I guess not all treasured experiences are meant to be shared.

The turquoise doors in the photos below are from a previous trip to the Mission. San Juan Bautista is one of my favorite zen spots. I’m sure I’ll be back again one day soon and will be sure to check my camera settings before clicking away.


Inspiration: Thursday Doors