California Winter Wonderland

A series of rainstorms have rolled into the San Francisco Bay Area this week. After a fairly dry and sunny month of February and early March, we are cheering the rain on! The hills and fields are bursting with the growth of new grasses in glorious shades of green – our version of a winter…

Horses & Doors

Some fresh air, a walk with the dog, and finding a few interesting doors to photograph was my motivation for a short excursion to a nearby horse stable yesterday. Buddy loves to be around the horses and they don’t seem to mind his calm presence. Check out the blue shoes on this white beauty. Hmm….

Waiting for “The Shining”

An eerie calm before the storm at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California. It’s not the Stanley Hotel from the movie, “The Shining,” but it sure looked and felt like it on this ominous day.

Street Art Collage – Santana Row

To see more of Santana Row click here: A European-style experience in the heart of Silicon Valley: Santana Row   Inspiration: Collage.  

The Exploration Gallery at The Tech Museum of Innovation

Earth Day is near! This week, the WordPress Photo Challenge celebrates this planet on which we live. One of the first things that came to mind for me was David Bowie’s song, “Space Oddity” and the verse, “Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing we can do.” David Bowie’s music connects to my soul, and I’m…

A European-style experience in the heart of Silicon Valley: Santana Row

One of my favorite places to go with friends and family for lunch or dinner in the San Francisco Bay Area is Santana Row in San Jose, California. This European-style village filled with upscale shops, international dining options, courtyards, fountains, intimate public seating areas, and live music on weekends, offers an artfully designed oasis in…

The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Today I visited the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum located at Rosicrucian Park in the Rose Garden neighborhood of San Jose, California. On this autumn day, the sun was shining and the weather comfortably warm. The gardens were peaceful with few visitors, and the vegetation, dry and shriveled, was entering a quiet, dormant period. The museum, devoted to Ancient Egypt, was founded by…