Photo Shoot at the Horse Barn

Off I went this morning to a local horse stable for a photo shoot with my Camera Club group. It was a nice chance to get out, have a little fun, and be a kid for a few hours. Unlike the cowgirl in the featured poster, I was well-behaved so didn’t make history today. However, I did take a few photos to share with you.

SantanaA profile pic of handsome, blue-eyed Santana. Who knew horses could have blue eyes?

SantanaA closer look at Santana’s gorgeous baby blues.

Stall 9Hey there big boy, I didn’t catch your name. I got your room number. Maybe I’ll come back and see you sometime.

SundanceShy Sundance peeked around the corner to see who was there. He liked what he saw and came out to say hello. He was hoping for some goodies but I was empty-handed.

The horse owners at the stable have a great sense of humor as evidenced by the humorous posters on the walls of the barn. One poster states, “If my horse doesn’t like you I probably won’t either.” Thankfully, all the horses seemed to like me, otherwise, I may have been asked to leave. Hahaha. No, wait, not funny. That would have been embarrassing.

Located alongside the barn is a whimsical garden in memory of all the beloved horses that have passed. Such a nice way to remember old friends.

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