Nature Photos from Epirus

When in the Epirus region of Greece this past July, our travels took us to the Vikos Gorge in Monodendri, several 18th & 19th century stone bridges near the Zagori Village of Kipoi, the Ancient Theater of Dodoni, and a handful of small mountain villages. To reach these sites, we hiked on dirt, gravel, and stone pathways often lined with Milk Thistle plants. Along the way I noticed various insects feasting on the Milk Thistle and snapped a few photos. I also came across a lime-green lizard who kindly posed for me on a white rock wall.

I wish I could tell you the names of the insects or the lizard, but I’m not familiar with the critters of Greece. In fact, I’m not a nature photographer at all and would be hard-pressed to name the insects, flora, and fauna in my local area of California. If you happen to know the names of the insects or lizard, please leave me a note.

Nature 1 LR
Location: Vikos Gorge in Monodendri
Nature 3 LR
Location: Ancient Theater of Dodoni
Nature 4 LR
Location: Zagori Village of Dilofo.

About Epirus:

Epirus is a mountainous region of mainland Greece covered with many rivers. In the 18th and 19th centuries during the Ottoman occupation, 45 stone bridges were constructed to facilitate travel between 46 villages known as the Villages of Zagori.

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