Subdued Colors and Doors in Monemvasia

Dark doors and mottled home exteriors create a subdued mood in this section of the castle town of Monemvasia. White-washed homes weathered by the sea air are covered in interesting gray textures that blend nicely with the rocky hillside. The sedate tones provide a neutral backdrop for pops of color seen in the green vegetation and vibrantly hued bougainvillea. As we walked through the sleepy passageways, we rarely passed another soul, not surprising since it was the traditional siesta time for Greeks.

Today’s selection for Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors weekly feature:

Monemvasia Doors 3

Monemvasia Doors 1

Monemvasia Doors 4

Monemvasia Doors 5

About Monemvasia:

Overlooking the Myrtoan Sea, the Greek fortress of Monemvasia is perched on a giant rock joined to Peloponnese by a restored causeway. The name Monemvasia means “single entrance” in Greek.

Cafés, tavernas, guesthouses, and tourist shops line the narrow, cobblestoned main lane of the lower medieval village which is fit only for pedestrian and donkey traffic. Merchants and artisans have kept the town viable for centuries. Remarkably, Monemvasia has never ceased to be inhabited and is home to a small number of families.

The upper town atop the massive rock has long been abandoned. An uphill path leads to the ruins of once-majestic buildings and Agia Sofia, an intact Byzantine church.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.

18 thoughts on “Subdued Colors and Doors in Monemvasia

    1. It is a fantastic place. We haven’t yet climbed to the top of the fortress. It seems we always arrive late in the day when the upper town is closed. One day I’m sure we will make it to Monemvasia early enough in the day to visit the top. 🙂

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