Horses & Doors

Some fresh air, a walk with the dog, and finding a few interesting doors to photograph was my motivation for a short excursion to a nearby horse stable yesterday. Buddy loves to be around the horses and they don’t seem to mind his calm presence.

Horse Stable 2 LR

Check out the blue shoes on this white beauty. Hmm. Did he stick his tongue out at us?

Horse Stable 3 LR

This brown and white horse calmly peered at us through the gate door. Was he hoping I’d let him out? Maybe, but sorry my friend, you’ll have to wait for your owner to come to get you.

Horse Stable 5 L2

Cloud lives behind door #1.

Horse Stable 6 L

I love barn-red doors, even the utilitarian kind like the one below.

Horse Stable 4 LR

I’ve been warned in the past to be careful about bringing Buddy to the stable, not because of the horses, but because of the “mean” cat that lives there. Now does that sweet cat look threatening to you? She didn’t move a hair while I stood there taking her picture with Buddy standing quietly by my side. She may have felt safe with the fence between us.

Horse Stable 7 L

Another red utilitarian door on the side of a shed with a prominent yellow sign that says, “Be Alert Snake Area.” Yikes, that’s not a sign I want to see, especially since it’s rattlesnakes that live in the area.

Horse Stable 8 L

In case you couldn’t clearly see the sign, SNAKES hang out in this area!!!

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.

8 thoughts on “Horses & Doors

  1. Hehe, never mind snakes, I love grandparents at play. 😀 And the name Cloud for a horse! We have a couple of horses here too but my bestia is absolutely not impressed. He shows them his back most of the time. Only when one horse was rolling on his back on the grass he showed some interest. Probably because the horse was finally his size.

    1. I also got a chuckle seeing the grandparents at play sign. Got to love people that have good sense of humor. 🙂 Good that bestia doesn’t blink an eye at the horses. Some dogs go crazy when they see a horse!!

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