Athens, Greece

My favorite time of day in Athens is after dark. The soft glow of city lights takes the edge off the stark urban landscape. Enjoy a few photos below of nightlife in Athens beneath the ancient Acropolis.

Acropolis after Dark
Athinaion Politeia Cafe
Athinaion Politeia Cafe in Thissio, Athens
Athanaeum Kelari
Athanaeum Kelari in Monastiraki, Athens – Music, Drink, Food
Dia Tafta Restaurant
Dia Tafta Restaurant in Monastiraki, Athens



13 thoughts on “Athens After Dark

    1. Thanks! Athens comes alive after dark. It’s my favorite time of day in the city. The glow of street lights makes the city look beautiful, especially in Plaka and other suburbs around the Acropolis. I’m sure you were very busy during the day touring the city and needed a break in the evening.


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