8 thoughts on “A Little Sad

  1. Ahhh.. Athens! 🙂. I love Greece. Athens & Santorini was my hangout spot when I was young without a care in the world. I worked for Olympic Airways back then. 🙂.
    I like the artwork, it kinda over shadow the door. Nice capture. Thanks for taking me back!!🙂.


    1. Hi Pat, How fun that you spent lots of time in Athens & Santorini. What great hangout spots. Athens is filled with lots of Street Art these days. I need to do a post with all of the Street Art pics I took the last time we were in Greece. We missed going last year and won’t go again this year because of COVID. Not feeling safe yet on long haul flights from SFO to FRA, then to Athens. Maybe next Spring the pandemic will be in better shape globally. Have you been to Greece recently (before COVID)? It has changed so much over the 25 years I’ve been going there. Glad to take you back to fun times!

      1. I haven’t been in a good while. Before Covid I had taken to cruising and I was looking forward to Mediterranean cruise that would put me there. Oh, well. we’ll see how it all shakes out.🙂. Love that place, lots of good memories 🙂.


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