The Street Art Scene in Athens

Psiri Street Art I-2
A colorful wall mural of Plaka painted on the wall of a taverna.

The street art scene in Athens has exploded. Cheeky street artists have visually cluttered the city with a blend of beautiful artistic murals, politically motivated guerrilla art, and ugly graffiti. Imagine overly busy patterned wallpaper that makes you turn your head away.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Athens, but enough is enough with the graffiti. I’m hoping the next fad will be to paint the city white. Below find what I call the good, the bad, and the ugly examples of street art and graffiti in Athens.

The good:

Psiri Street Art -4
Artist – Sinke WFC
Psiri Street Art -1
Artist Sonke’s melancholic curly-haired girl.

The bad:

Psiri B1-

Psiri A1-

And, the ugly:

Psiri D1-

Psiri C1-

Thanks for looking!

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