The Street Art Scene in Athens

To say that the street art scene in Athens has mushroomed is an understatement. All over the city, commercial buildings and homes have become visually cluttered with a blend of beautiful artistic murals, cheeky street art, and ugly graffiti. Imagine busy patterned wallpaper that makes you turn your head away.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Athens and high-quality street art, but enough is enough with the overdose of ugly graffiti. I’m hoping the next fad will be to paint the city white. Below find what I consider the good, the bad, and the ugly examples of street art and graffiti in Athens.

The good:
Psiri Street Art -4
Artist – Sinke WFC
Psiri Street Art -1
Artist Sonke’s melancholic curly-haired girl.

The bad:

Psiri B1-

Psiri A1-

And, the ugly:

Psiri D1-

Psiri C1-

Inspiration: Cheeky.