Many years ago after visiting Monemvasia, we headed north to explore the villages along the mountainous coastline of the Laconia region of Peloponnese with only a paper map in hand. A narrow, winding, country road eventually led us to the pint-sized Port of Gerakas. Aside from a slight delay waiting for a herd of goats in the road to pass, we found our way to the port with relative ease.

Gerakas 2L

A paved road, wide enough for one car to pass, led the way into town alongside a marsh that gradually opened to a small bay. On my mind was the fear that we’d meet face-to-face a car coming from the opposite direction. I couldn’t shake wondering which of the cars would have to back up, and I hoped it wouldn’t be us. The thought of finding ourselves in the Bay was unsettling. Thankfully, no car came.

Rural Port Village of Gerakas, Greece

Once my mind settled, I was completely smitten by this quintessential Greek fishing village, with its stone and white-washed homes, calm waters, fish tavernas, and seaside Café.

Gerakas 8L

This past October, we retraced our journey to Gerakas, except this time with GPS and Google Maps. Wouldn’t you know, we got lost in a maze of roads in a small town along the way. After a bit of frustrating effort, we finally got out of town and on the right track. When we arrived at the Port, it looked just as we remembered it, scary one-lane road and all. And once again, I fell in love with this relaxing, peaceful place.