The Byzantine Church of St. Nicholas Ragkava

When strolling through the back streets of the Plaka neighborhood in Athens, my eye was caught by the gorgeous arched stained-glass windows and rustic stonework of the Byzantine Church of St. Nicholas Ragkava. The church is situated in the north-east side of the Acropolis and is one of the most beautiful and popular historic churches of the Plaka neighborhood in Athens.


About The Holy Church of St. Nicholas Ragkava:

According to historical sources, the name Ragkavas belongs to an important family from Constantinople (Istnabul) and Athens, the most well-known member of which was the Byzantine emperor Michael A’ Ragkave (811-813).

The church was built during the 11th century (1040-1050) by the emperor’s grandson, Paul Xeropotaminos, who was later officially canonized (declared a saint). After the 11th century the church underwent considerable changes and new extensions were added to it. It is one of the most significant Byzantine monuments in the city of Athens.

The church played an important role in medieval Athens. Originally, it was a private chapel but eventually, it became a parish church and it remains so till day.

The above information was obtained from an informational sign posted on the church.

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