When visiting Greece, one can’t help notice the plethora of Greek Orthodox churches. You will find churches in every neighborhood, village, and even in isolated areas in the countryside. From grand Byzantine architecture with ornate doors to simple stone and white-washed buildings with simple doors, the wide variety of unique churches exemplifies the importance of the Orthodox religion in Greek culture.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite Greek churches I’ve encountered in my travels in Greece.

A small, rural church carved into a hillside near Neapolis, Greece.


Agios Georgios tou Vounou – a Minoan peak sanctuary in Kythira, Greece.


Agii Apostolis – a small chapel built by the Venetians in Nafplio, Greece.


Agios Ioannis Theologos – an 11th or 12th-century old church in Plaka, Greece


An Orthodox church overlooking Neapolis Bay  at Paleokastro near Neapolis, Greece.

This post was inspired by Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors.

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature sponsored by Norm Frampton allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite doors from around the world.


13 thoughts on “Simple Doors to Unique Churches in Greece

    1. Greece has so much history and interesting places to see. We’ve been to services at the church carved into the hillside. It’s small but manages to fit a lot of the local church community. Very cozy inside. I hope you get a chance to visit Greece.

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      1. Thanks for that. I travel by motorbike. My next big trip will be in May / June. I’ll take the ferry from Ireland to Cherbourg and ride through France, Germany, Italy (alps), Slovenia and Austria. Enjoy your travels and stay safe!

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