Café Culture in Greece

The traditional Café in Greece known as a Kafenion began as a place where men-only spent leisure time with friends drinking coffee or a glass of ouzo or raki depending on the time of day.  In Greece today, while you will still find local men spending time in old-style Kafenia,  you will also find an abundance of modern, hip Cafés. Friends frequently come together for a cup of coffee to enjoy each others company and chat about politics, soccer, and life in general. By the sheer number of Cafés in Athens filled to the brim with patrons engaged in lively conversation it’s hard to miss seeing the vibrant Café culture in Greece.

Please enjoy a few photos of Cafés where we’ve spent time drinking plenty of coffee to cure our jet lag. They say a dog is man’s best friend. Not when you have jet lag. In my opinion, that title belongs to coffee.

Plaka Cafe 4_edited
Melina Merkouri Café in Plaka.
Plaka Cafe 1_edited
Elaía Café and Ouzeri in Plaka.
Monemvasia Cafe
Café Byzantino in Monemvasia, Peloponnese.
Kythira Cafe_edited
Botzio Café in Avlemonas, Kythira.
Kythria Cafe 2_edited
Gin Café Snack Bar in Chora, Kythira.
Neapolis Cafe 1_edited
Café in Neapolis, Peloponnese.
Athens Coffee_edited
Kaya Café – an espresso bar near Syntagma Square in Athens.

Inspiration: Friend.

7 thoughts on “Café Culture in Greece

  1. Sometimes cafe’s like these are being impersonated in shopping malls which include open air ares like the Cape Town waterfront, but it is an impersonation. The culture does not exist as in Europe

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