A Few Signs of Life

The paint on the door, tired chocolate brown losing its luster, cracked, flakes of it falling to the ground, spray painted with curly scrawl, patiently awaits tender loving care. Yet, there are a few signs of life amid the sad, sad, door and crumbling wall. A mailbox, a doorbell, an entry light, and thriving greenery overhead signal this place might be someone’s home.

Nafplio Crumbling Door
Nafplio, Greece


For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors and the WordPress Photo Challenge: Waiting.




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  1. Nafplio has some really great doors – both well kept and less so (like this one). I really like all the little signs of life. Though it does have some odd faded graffitti. What does it say? I suspect numbers, but perhaps just sprawling, looping marks.

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    1. Nafplio indeed has some great doors. I can’t wait to go back soon to further explore the town. I’ll look to see if this door got some TLC since we were last there. I suspect the door leads to a garden area for the house on the right hand side of the door. Did you notice the rusty door handle? Tetanus shot required before entering! 🙂 Enjoy your travels in Northern Greece.

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