6 thoughts on “Pantanassa Monastery in the Ancient City of Mystras

    1. Thanks! Mystras is inland between Kalamata and Tripoli. It’s on a mountainside outside of Sparta. We stop in this area every year to get olive oil packaged to take home to the USA.

      1. Hello, we are travelling in Greece and tried the Pantanassia olive oil in Néapoli and loved it. We would also like to bring some back home (we are with a car). Did you go directly to the monastery to get your olive oil or is there a special store where to order it? Thanks a lot ! Kind regards, Anne-Laure

      2. Hi Anne-Laure, We are fortunate to receive local olive oil from my husband’s relatives. Since we travel home by air, we take the container to a packaging business outside of Sparta to get a special sealed container. There are quite a few shops specializing in olive oil in Athens. Ask around the towns that you are visiting to see if they will sell you local oil. If you are traveling home by air, you may need special packaging. I hope you find some olive oil to take home!!

  1. Hello, we would like also to buy this oil that we tasted in Neapoli. Did you go directly to the monastery to order it ? Many thanks, kind regards,

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