Crusty Old Doors

No matter where you go in Greece, you will find crusty old doors. It’s just how it is these days. The older generation has passed on, and the younger generation has moved away and doesn’t have the time or money to upkeep the old family home.

These crusty old doors belong to buildings and homes in Nafplio, Peloponnese. Please don’t judge Nafplio by its crumbling doors, this seaside town is very vibrant, and most homes are in excellent repair. I just happen to like to photograph aging doors.

Nafplio Door 7 LR

Oh, the stories this door could tell. This home was the residence of the President of the “Vice Kingdom” of Greece for a year between 1833 and 1834. Now its a staging area for a tourist shop.

Nafplio Door 4LR

This door looks important and substantial, even it’s a bit worn.

Nafplio Door 10 LR

Is this a shutter or a door or a shutter hiding a door? Another year has gone by and the elements have chipped away at the soft yellow paint. To see what I mean, find this same door as it was in September of 2016 here: Doors of Nafplio.

Nafplio Door 8 LR

Pale blues are always a favorite of mine, even when chipped and time-worn. I wonder what’s hiding behind this tiny door?

Nafplio Door 2 LR

Shades of gray and brown chipped stucco and an exposed layer of stone make a pleasing image. It’s interesting to look at but I wouldn’t dare step inside.

Nafplio Door 3 LR

Is that orange cone warning us about “monsters” or the condition of this decrepit building? I like how the shutters are being used to post signage to restaurants and other businesses. Life goes on around the sad decay of this home.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.

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