Peeking through the Gate Door

When traveling the back-roads of Greece, it’s fairly easy to lose your way, especially when you find yourself at a poorly marked crossroad. Somehow we always seem to choose the wrong road. But, we don’t worry, we’re on vacation, and often the “wrong” road leads us to an unforgettable adventure.

On our last excursion to Monemvasia from the Neapolis area of Peloponnese, we took a brand new, unfamiliar road that took us over the mountain to the coastline of the Myrtoan Sea. Along the way, we pulled over to the side of the road to make sure we were on the right track and came face-to-face with this large, but friendly dog peeking through the gate door. After a good smile and a confirmation that we were heading in the right direction, we got back on the road again.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors

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