Spanish Style Gardens & Doors

Do you have a special local spot you go to when you need an escape from the bustle of daily life? For me, it’s the Spanish-influenced gardens and artisan shops at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park. Every season brings different blooms and lush green vegetation thanks to our mild California climate.

I last visited the Allied Arts Guild in November, a quiet month for flowering plants (and visitors). Bright orange pumpkins, ceramic and clay pots filled with autumn blooms, and smiley-faced scarecrow girl dolls added seasonal cheer to the pathways and door stoops. Take a “walk” with me around the property for a view of the fall gardens and exquisite Spanish-Colonial architecture and doors.


Court of Abundance 

When in full bloom in the warm months of summer, marigolds, wallflowers, and nasturtiums fill the Court of Abundance garden with a golden glow. On this fall day, yellow daylilies added a whisper of color to the predominantly green landscape.

Allied Arts 3 LR

Rose Allee

A stone path lined with low hedges leads visitors past rose bushes in the shape of small trees which were dormant at this time of year. While I always enjoy the colors of summer, the monochromatic landscape of November felt especially peaceful. It was just what I needed that day.

Allied Arts Guild

Informal Gardens

Pops of color from the deep violet flowers of Salvia and rich pink Bougainvillea blooms were pleasant surprises as I walked around the informal gardens. Clay pottery accents strategically placed in the gardens added warmth to the sea of green flora.

Spanish-Colonial architecture & doors

The Archway Building

This building was an original 1800s farmhouse later remodeled to achieve a Spanish-Colonial appearance. The intricate ironwork on this building and door was forged on site.

Allied Arts Guild

Allied Arts Guild

The Sunset Room

This Spanish-Colonial building housed the original showroom for the Guild artisans. I’ve shown this gorgeous, carved teal door in a previous post but not the full building. Taking a few steps back better shows how the door fits in the overall design of the building.

Allied Arts 5 LR

Allied Arts 16 LR

Fun Fall Decor

This fun smiley-faced scarecrow doll sums up how I felt after spending a few hours in the gardens at the Allied Arts Guild.

Allied Arts 8 LR
Smile for the camera!

Inspiration: Thursday Doors and Smile.

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