19 thoughts on “Mediterranean Blues

    1. notetotraveler

      I also could live in a place like this. Our friends and family in Greece are making the best of the challenging economic times. They are hardworking, kind, and optimistic people. Hopefully the future is bright for Greece.
      Thanks for the link to your other blog!

      1. Junieper

        Oh, so you still have family there … how long approx. have you lived in the States? We came here in the 80ties, actually just to study, but our children grew up and two of them have married an American, so now all our grandkids are here! Our time in Greece was to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and was phenomenal, even though we didn’t travel much – just soaking up the culture! The food is so tasty -baklava and the spinach pie (forgot the name) are my favorites:)
        The Jesh Studio blog is more of the free floating me, I could become after my psychology job was over.

      2. notetotraveler

        My husband is from Greece. He came to the States to do his doctorate in Analytical Chemistry many years ago. He still has aunts, uncles, cousins, and good friends in Greece that we visit every summer. Nice that you visited Greece to celebrate your anniversary. The food is indeed very tasty, My taste buds are “sad” for weeks when we get back home. Everything here tastes so bland until my taste buds readjust. 🙂
        Wonderful that you have unleashed your creativity! From the little I’ve seen of your artwork, it looks fabulous.

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