Casa Juan de Anza

About an hour south of San Jose, the historic town of San Juan Bautista has some fine examples of old adobe style structures. One of my favorites, the Casa Juan de Anza, is one of only four historic adobes still standing in San Juan Bautista. Built in 1799, Casa Juan de Anza sits at the southwest corner of Franklin and Third Streets in the downtown area of San Juan Bautista.

Casa Juan de Anza

Notice the patina on the blue doors and the soft green ceiling of the portico of this adobe home. Lovely, isn’t it?

Casa Juan de Anza

While this door certainly could use a coat of fresh paint, I rather like it as it is.

Casa Juan de Anza

The reflection in the window of this door gives you a peek at what’s across the street.

Casa Juan de Anza

Over the years, the whitewashed building has been restored and has served as a private residence, cantina, and is now an antique shop, and registered National Historic Landmark.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.

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