Old-World Doors at Santana Row

Santana Row is a European-style village in the heart of San Jose filled with upscale shops, international dining options, courtyards, fountains, intimate public seating areas, and live music on weekends. It offers an artfully designed oasis in Silicon Valley to socialize and unwind. It’s simply a beautiful place and I like spending time there.

Santana Row 3L

The designers of Santana Row went to great lengths to import found objects such as antique doors, metal window grates, and elegantly designed painted emblems. They used these objects to decorate blank walls and service garages throughout the mixed-use development. These old world doors were brilliantly used to mask utility closets.

Santana Row 2L

On this visit to Santana Row, I wasn’t alone in my quest to photograph these old-world doors. A line of people with cameras waited their turn to take selfies and portraits next to these beauties. It’s as if the doors were a major tourist attraction.

After waiting for the “crowd” to disperse, I finally got my turn. I believe these lovely doors were worth the wait. How about you?

A closer look at the hardware details on the doors.

Santana Row 1L

An example of an antique window grillwork placed on a colorful blank wall.

About the Design of Santana Row:

Santana Row is one of the country’s largest urban districts of mixed-use development and covers over 42 acres. The design work happened over the course of five years. The placemaking task meant coordination of hundreds of designers, artisans, and fabricators. Found objects such as a French chapel façade, antique metalwork, pottery, and fountains were imported from Europe and reconstructed on site to add a sense of history and patina. Custom designed and fabricated items included metal work, custom tiles, custom lanterns, chandeliers, fountains, street plaques, corner guards, and portals. The designers even named the streets, created building and residential identities with supporting logos, signs, addresses, and entry details. Quoted from: https://segd.org/content/santana-row.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.

35 thoughts on “Old-World Doors at Santana Row

  1. There is something soul-satisfying about scruffy, battered old doors. I absolutely love the hand. Do you know what it symbolises? I’m glad you waited for others to disperse (been there!) to capture these spectacular doors in pictures for us.

    1. Thanks, Debi. So true about battered old doors being soul-satisfying. If they could only talk, the stories they’d tell. I wish I knew what the hand symbolized or where it was from. I like that the designers of Santana Row sought out found objects, doors, etc. from abroad. These details give Santana Row a European vibe and interesting architectural character lacking in much of Silicon Valley.

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