My Fave Red Doors in Parga

Our recent travels in Greece involved an eleven-day road trip from Athens to the Epirus region of northwestern Greece, down the southwestern coast of Peloponnese, across Messinia to our summer house on the coast of southeastern Peloponnese, and finally back to Athens. When in the Epirus region, we made our home base in the city of Ioannina and took day trips to the coastal town of Parga and to various mountain villages surrounding Ioannina.

Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite red doors (and an eye-catching red taverna) from Parga.

Red Door in Parga LR

If you saw my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday, you’ve already seen the spicey red Lithos Taverna in the photo below. I’m showing it again because this arched red door with the blue motorcycle was just across the street from the taverna. Gotta love those hot reds.

Lithos Taverna in Parga L3

Up the hill from Lithos Taverna, I came across the striking red door of Hotel 1800, a small luxury hotel located in the center of town beneath the Venetian Castle of Parga.

Hotel 1800 Red Door

Below is a peek at the vibrant colors of Parga’s hillside homes. More to come in future posts about our visit to this bustling seaside town.

Parga L

About Parga:

Parga (Πάργα) is a seaside town located in the Epirus region of northwestern Greece. A popular tourist destination, Parga lies on the Ionian coast between the cities of Preveza and Igoumenitsa and is about a five-hour drive from Athens. The main attractions in the colorful town of Parga are a historical Venetian castle overlooking the town, a good variety of shops and tavernas, as well as, several beaches.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.

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