14 thoughts on “Love the Sea

    1. It’s a cold, rainy day here too. I’m longing for warm, sunny days like the on at Carmel Beach. In a few weeks I’m heading to Santa Cruz for my saltwater fix. Hope the weather improves by then. Stay warm and dry! 🙂

  1. I remember enjoying Carmel By The Sea very much but have no details left in my memory. Thank you for this lovely photo and beautiful words to remind me. I agree – the sea has a way of washing away any worries I may have.

  2. I remember visiting Carmel By The Sea on a fabulous road trip many years ago…I’m so lucky to live by the sea, but this particular vista is stunning and looks warm…we are experiencing some snow days not seen since the blizzard of ’96 up here in British Columbia and your picture reminds me that spring will come again!

    1. I love a good road trip. Nice you got a chance to visit Carmel By the Sea. The town and the sea are perfection. Brrr. Sounds cold up there!! Stay warm and keep your spirits up. As you say, spring will come again.

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