After the Rain at Sandy Wool Lake

In the San Francisco Bay Area of California, we’ve been hit with a series of “atmospheric rivers.” What this means to us is rain, more rain, then more rain. While I prefer the sun, I’m not complaining as we need the rain, and rain is certainly better than piles of snow.

Whether rain or snow, I tend to hibernate when the elements are less than favorable. If I hibernate too long, I get cabin fever. So today when we got a break in storms, I was more than happy to head out to Sandy Wool Lake in Milpitas. I’m sure the lovely creatures I encountered were just as happy as I was to see a little sunshine.






Wishing you all a good day,




15 thoughts on “After the Rain at Sandy Wool Lake

  1. Lovely bird photos! The lake, structure and hill view photo seems very ethereal, almost like a watercolor painting. Patricia

  2. I have not been to Sandy Wool Lake in several years. I remember it from when there were clients in the neighborhood, and when I took Calaveras Road out to other clients.

  3. Oh, these are wonderful images. The birds are lovely, but it’s just so nice to see lush green foliage! The photo at the top is amazing! Thanks for getting out and for sharing these with us.

    1. Thanks, Dan. I’m glad you enjoyed them. Green is our winter color. Once the rain stops in late spring, the hills turn a golden-brown. I missed Thursday Doors…the only doors in the park were restroom doors, so I passed on taking pics of them. 🙂

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