Percy the Peacock

I had the pleasure of meeting Percy the resident Peacock last week at Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California. Percy likes to hang out by the Visitor’s Center near the entrance to the property. I came across Percy putting on quite a show for a small crowd of onlookers as I was leaving the gardens. He was doing a series of 360 degree turns, showing off his magnificent plumage and equally ornate undercarriage.

Filoli Peacock Bejeweled
Handsome profile of Percy


Filoli Peacock Rear View 2 LR


Filoli Peacock Rear View
Percy got his middle feathers flapping loudly in annoyance at the onlookers snapping his picture.


Filoli Peacock Side View
Who knew that the under-body of this magnificent bird was so patterned and interesting?

P.S. If you are looking forward to a quiet day at Filoli Gardens, think twice. If Percy gets squawking, you’ll wish you brought ear plugs. Just saying.

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