Filoli Gardens Doors

On a whim last week, I took a drive to Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California to see their early spring blooms and practice taking landscape photos. I was also hoping to find a few interesting doors, as it’s been a while since I’ve participated in Norm Frampton’s weekly feature, Thursday Doors. The day was overcast, a good thing when taking photos in the middle of the day.

Alas, the blooms were scarce but for a few tulip gardens, my exposures and focus were off, and there were many visitors making it difficult to get people-free pictures. Whine, whine, whine. LOL. But, I did get a few door photos that I took creative liberty with in enhancing the less-than-wonderful original exposures. For better or worse, here a few of Filoli’s lovely doors.

Filoli Door 7 L2


Filoli Door 6 L


Filoli Door 4 L2


Filoli Door 5 L2


About Filoli:

Hidden in the foothills of Woodside, California, Filoli Gardens was created as a grand country estate for the wealthy Bourn family in the early 1900s. The name “Filoli” comes from the first two letters of “FIght- LOve-LIve.” Bourn’s credo was “To fight for a just cause; to love your fellow man; to live a good life.” These are worthy words to live by.

The estate features a 20th-century Georgian mansion, 16 acres of remarkable formal gardens, a Café and Gift Shop, and docent-led hikes through the estate’s nature preserve. Filoli is a not-for-profit organization that is open to the public thanks to approximately 1,200 volunteers and financial support obtained through fundraising, grants, and donations.

Filoli website:


33 thoughts on “Filoli Gardens Doors

  1. I thought when I first saw that ladies room door years ago it was the prettiest ladies room door evah! Your picture hasn’t changed my mind. It’s still the prettiest!

    It wasn’t people free when I went either, but it was worth the wait. You made some lovely images of the doors!

    1. Thank you, Deborah. Aren’t we so lucky to have such a gorgeous property in the Bay Area. If it wasn’t for the signage, I would have never thought such a pretty building housed the ladies room. 🙂 I’ve been to Filoli a few times where there were far fewer people. I guess I lucked out on those days.

    1. Thank you, Janice. I’m glad you liked the images. Most of my garden photos were a bust. I’ll go back in a few months and try again. Many more flowers will be in bloom then.

  2. Wow, that was worth a visit, even though not many blooms were out yet! LOVE the entrance with the many pillars! How.s your remodel doing? Hope you’re making progress…:)

    1. Hi Jesh, The mansion and its entrance is quite lovely. Even without many blooms, its a lovely place to stroll. Met with a closet contractor today. Will do that project in a few weeks. The big remodel will hopefully start in a few months. Can you detect procrastination? We were going to do the remodel during the winter months, but with all of the rain that would have been messy. So, we will wait for rainy season to end. How are you doing?

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