One thought on “Vintage Decor at Vathysfairo Bar

  1. Nice background at this bar, Donna! Can’t remember if you know, but hubby had surgery in April, but had a great come back about a month after that.
    When his problems started the end of January, he had gutted the master bathroom totally – the room looked like an empty box. Even had taken out the floor tiles.
    Now he has taken that job back up and is progerring, but yes I have the same as you have, a dusty bedroom and in disarrray because of all the storage of the bathroom is now in the bedroom, lol.
    In-between he is doing weed-eating in the yard, because it’s here considered a fire hazard in the forest, and not kindly looked upon! Cheers – your house and my house will be finished at “some time!”

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