Thursday Doors – Fort Point

Very early one foggy morning, this late owl blogger reluctantly trekked to Fort Point National Historic Site in San Francisco with a small group of fellow photography enthusiasts. We set up our tripods under dark misty skies to capture the lights on the Golden Gate Bridge. In the background, foghorns moaned, mysteriously guiding ships between the piers under the bridge. I couldn’t decide if I found the sound of the horns relaxing or annoying, so I chose to accept them as a welcome part of the experience. We had hoped to capture sunrise photos of the bridge, but the fog persisted offering us “moody” photos instead.


After our early morning photo shoot of the bridge, we headed to the iconic Mel’s Drive-In Diner for breakfast. When out in the cold air by the Bay, one works up a good appetite, even if your only activity is to take photos.

At this point, you may be thinking, where are the doors? Well, there weren’t a whole lot of doors inside the Fort, but I did find the door below that led from cavernous hallways to a barracks area. You can see how small the door looks by comparison to the arched brick halls in the featured image.

Fort Point Door PS Version

I love the arched passageways and interesting colors of the brick structure.

Fort Point Halls

Along the way, I came across a steep curved staircase. I didn’t dare climb the stairs with my camera attached to a tripod. There were no railings and lots of school kids running up and down the stairs.

Fort Point Staircse

What a fun field trip for the school children! Here’s a small group of well-behaved students exploring the Fort with their chaperone. My main goal was to stay out of the path of the exuberant kiddos. The Fort was so big, finding quiet places to take photos was easy to do.

Fort Point Kids

I may have initially been reluctant to get up at 3 AM to trek to San Francisco to take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point, but it was such a great experience, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

29 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Fort Point

  1. Am glad I went to your blog again to see your Thurs. Door post, since it was not up yet last time. Love all the angles of the arches, and the structure and colors of the brick. It was well worth your time and effort to capture it all:) That this may be a terrific blogging year for you!

  2. The mist is giving such a unique perspective to the Golden Gate Bridge. And I absolutely love the arched passageways and interesting colors of the brick structure. Thanks for sharing!

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