7 thoughts on “Under the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. What the heck is that seemingly faux stone finish?! Is that just natural weathering? I worked at the Saint Francis Yacht Club when I was a kid, and went under the Golden Gate Bridge a few time while setting marks, but the bases were just bare concrete. I know it is old and weathered, but if that is a faux finish, it is weird.

    1. The clarity on this image is cranked up, but even on the original copy of the image, it looks like stone, not bare concrete. If you get a chance, visit Fort Point. You’ll get a firsthand view of the bridge materials. Pretty awesome.

      1. Until the past many years, I used to go to Fort Point occasionally. I did a bit of work in San Francisco, and was often there when I was a kid. That part of the Golden Gate Bridge always looked like bare concrete. I tried to find an article about it getting outfitted with faux stone, but can fine nothing about it. I can’t help but wonder why it looks like that. Many bridges here have been retrofitted during the last few decades, and many of the major bridges have been replaced. Yet, it seems like something this major would have been in the news. It certainly got my attention.

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