Thursday Doors – The Filoli House

Springtime is my favorite time of year to visit the Filoli Historic House and Garden. When the COVID-19 pandemic reached California in March of this year, visiting Filoli in the Springtime was not an option. By June, Filoli had reopened with reservations and masks required, as well as social distancing. I shared a few photos from my June 2020 visit to the Garden in my post, A Dose of Garden Therapy at Filoli.

Today, I’m sharing photos of the Filoli House that were taken in March of 2019. Isn’t that front entrance and Palladian door exquisite? Enjoy!

The Filoli House 3

The Filoli House 1

For information about the history of the Filoli House click here.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors

14 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – The Filoli House

  1. I saw that the gardens opened up again. Unfortunately it’s an hour’s drive from my house (at least) so I’m having trouble talking anyone into coming with me! Looking forward to your pictures.

    1. Hi JT,
      I’m about an hour south of Filoli. A friend and I met at Filoli. It’s hard to social distance in a car. The only time our masks were off was to eat lunch on the patio of the Cafe. It was wonderful to feel some sense of normal.
      I’m thinking of visiting Hakone Gardens and Villa Montalvo for my next garden fixes. Stay well!

  2. Whoa, that is one impressive stately entrance. Excellent shots! This sounds like a place I’d want to make a point of visiting if I was in the area…assuming we can ever travel again 😉

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