15 thoughts on “What Door?

    1. Agree. There are some talented graffiti artists in Athens but this wasn’t the work of one of them. While I like to photograph the street art, I’m not a big fan of how the city has been taken over by it.

      1. Back in 1997 I don’t remember any graffiti as well. It’s only in the past few years that graffiti has proliferated like crazy. In some areas, the buildings on every street are covered with it. While I like to photograph the graffiti, I’m sad that those who do this don’t respect the property of others or in general, the city in which they live.

    1. Technically street art is different than graffiti but both terms are commonly used to describe the artistic and not so artistic murals and scrawl seen all over Athens. While much of the graffiti is illegal, it is accepted as a way for youth to express their frustration with the economic crisis.

  1. I would be sad coming home to this every day…wonder what emotion is being expressed here? I get the money issue, but what else? And, did you almost pass this door? It does blend right in to the walls.

    1. Yes… I would be sad too if this was my home. Youth in Athens use graffiti to express their emotions about lack of jobs, the current political leadership, capital controls, and so on. About the door, I almost missed it but enough of the door was visible that it caught my eye. This building is in a commercial district so I don’t think anyone lives there. A daughter of a friend who has contributed to graffiti in Athens in the past said she did not paint on people’s homes. However, in some neighborhoods, some dissidents have painted ugly graffiti on residences which is a shame in my opinion.

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