Old-World Doors of Monemvasia

Upscale yet down to earth, Monemvasia offers visitors old-world charm with the convenience of modern amenities. Step through the front entrance to the medieval fortress and find cobbled lanes, old stone buildings, and expansive views of the Myrtoan Sea. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of narrow paths carved into the side of this giant rock joined to Peloponnese by a restored causeway.

When last in Monemvasia, we spent time roaming the lower village. I focused on finding interesting doors and architecture, my husband on learning the history of the fortress. Below are a few of the many interesting doors I discovered along the way.

Inspiration:  Thursday Doors.

22 thoughts on “Old-World Doors of Monemvasia

  1. Debi @ An Evolving Life

    We were just there two days ago and I came away with photos of doors! Great minds… Many of my photos are of churches, however, so may still work up a post on them. Your photo of the door with the “lion” relief over it is much better than my washed out one. Lovely photos.

    1. notetotraveler

      Thanks, Debi. How nice you were just at Monemvasia. It’s such a fun place to explore. A friend of ours has an art studio on the main street. Unwittingly, we coordinated our door finds, as I didn’t take any good photos of church doors this time. We were there late in the day when most doors were in the shade which always helps with photos. Many of my pics in Greece are washed out because of that glorious, bright sun. I look forward to seeing your Monemvasia doors!

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