Under Cloudy Skies

Winter weather is in full swing in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. We are in the midst of a rainy weather pattern that has turned our dry, golden hills into a lush green carpet. While out for a walk today, gusty winds and cloudy dark skies chased me back inside the house, but not before I snapped a few pics with my cellphone camera. This photo in particular captured the beauty of the menacing skies and verdant hillside.


This photo was a serendipitous fit with Jenn Mishra’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Under Cloudy Skies. Stop by her blog, Traveling at Wits End, to see her inspiring photography. You can also find her at her Photo Yoga blog.

19 thoughts on “Under Cloudy Skies

      1. Nevada. I’ll be very close to the Eastern Sierras with green pine trees, but it’s not green in the winter where I’m going it’s golden in the winter, Green in the Spring there, and no rolling hills that are carpeted in grass.

      2. Nice. Sounds like you will be close to nature. A friend of mine moved from the Bay Area to Nevada last year. Other friends have moved to Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Seattle. I better start making new friends fast! Otherwise, I’m going to be lonely here in the Bay Area.
        Wishing you all the best in your move. I’m saying prayers for Baby Girl and her little one in the womb. It’s wonderful you could be there to take care of #1 Grandson. Hugs.

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